Friday, 23 March 2012

On festive ocassion of Gudi Padva: EkagraSadhana total user downloads peaks to 294

Good news on festive ocassion of Gudi Padva! The droid app dedicated to Bapuji named EkagraSadhana has reached "total user downloads  to 294", the active installation of this app as of today is 78.

Glad to see all sadhakas are enjoying the app - free and advertisement free too!

The stats for other apps dedicated to pujya Bapuji are as below:
Nitya Darshan - total user downloads: 51
Pujya Bapuji - total user downloads: 24
Bapuji Amritvani - total user downloads: 75
Asharamayan - total user downloads: 66

Jogi re kya jadu hai tere pyar mei....

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What new is on the plate?

The new droid app is published and you shall see it pretty soon on the android market, it is named "Pujya Bapuji". The app has below features:

The application has 4 tabs viz Home, Darshan, Resources and Links. The Home tabs has Bapuji's photo and also three offline links to Bapuji's life sketch, Gurustavan and Asharamayan. The Darshan tab has around 50 photos of Bapuji. The Resources tab has offline kirtans and links to online videos. The Links tabs has intenet link to websites dedicated to Bapuji.

The application uses internet only when Resources->Online videos and Links are touched/ selected.

The app is advertisement free and works for both who do not have data plan and ones who have it. The basic idea being let everyone use some or all features of the app!

Asharamayana droid app published!

Well, for those who read Asharamayana daily, this droid app will definitely be helpful. It is simply the Asaramayan text displayed on your droid. It seems droid sdk i used did  not support Hindi so i have written the Hindi verses in English, technically it is Hinglish!
In future, as droid sdk will support Hindi i shall implement the same in new version of the app.

Needless to say it is advertisement free and works completely offline. So you do not have to bear any charges of downloading the text every time you want to read Asaramayana.

Enjoy the app and read Asharamayana daily :) !

"Bapuji Amrut-Vani" droid published

The new droid app named Bapuji Amrut-Vani is published. The app is a list of external links to online youtube videos. Although anyone can search Bapuji's videos online but this app has a selected collection that can be viewed anytime by just a single touch.

Needless to say it is advertisement free and uses internet connection to view videos so you will have to bear the network charges as per your data plan. 

I hope all sadhakas benefit from Bapuji's amrut vani!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Book of Pranayama stats

The book of Pranayama was published in Nov-11 and had total 365 installs and currently has 209 active installs on devices as of today! There was even a 5 star rating by one user for it. It is good to know all liked it. Thank you!

For stats lovers below are more details:
By platform-
2.3.3+ = 54%
2.2 = 24%
3.2 = 2.4%
Rest = 3.4%

By device-
Samsung Galaxy S2 = 14%
Samsung Galaxy Ace = 4.3%
GTN 7000 = 4.3%
Samsung Galaxy S = 3.3%
HTC Sensation 4G = 3.3%
GT-S5360 - 3.3%
Samsung Galaxy Mini - 3.3%
HTC Desire - 3.3%
Rest - rest :)

Next on mind!

Just pondering on what next can be developed on droid that is free for all. An app for Bapuji's video online will be a good option. That would be good for all guys who have net enabled droids to watch some good youtube videos of Bapuji! Stay tuned.. 

Nitya Darshan 1.0 published!

To let all know.. the Nitya Darshan 1.0 droid app is published. It is a simple app with around 55 photos of Bapuji and 2 photos of charan kamal. It is of great use for all sadhakas of Bapuji to have daily darshan of Gurudev. All sadhakas are requested to try it out.. Here is the link for the same in Droid market..